Saturday, October 9, 2010

the break we needed

drew started preschool this week and it is so needed- not only for him but for me (mostly for me). i was worried that he would not like it or be shy- not the case at all. his friend is a the school too so we are carpooling and the other dad was home from work so he took them and i was kind of hoping drew would put up a little fight but nope he wanted mr. john to take them. it broke my heart for a nano second and then i was overcome with JOY- pure joy from him being able to fly on his own. i am so excited to hear what he has to say when he gets home. he is LOVING it and that makes me so happy. olivia and i are kind of confused some days on what to do with ourselves but its been fun being alone with olivia. i worked with the boys so this is a first time i am with a toddler all the time (its hard) but i love being with my girl. anywho.. here is is the traditional pose.

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