Thursday, September 9, 2010

small moments

i vent alot about drew and how hard he can be, but he has these moments that are so priceless they make up the abundance of hard (at least that is what i tell myself at night). so today he was super mellow and kind of good, emphasis on kind of. he has these random moments that make me laugh instead of want to lock him in his room -

i am leaving after tucking the boys into bed and they want the dog to sleep in their room and drew screams, " i am the strongest man in the world" all because he is holding onto the collar of the 5lb dog. - awesomeness

or the moments when he will just be sweet and tell you he loves you. he will randomly hit olivia but he also randomly gives her kisses and hugs. he's strange that kid but i love him even if he is so, so , so challenging for me.

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