Thursday, September 23, 2010

i got nothing

glenn mentioned that i haven't updated in awhile and so here it is. his work schedule has been INSANE so to make him feel more at home i am going to try and blog more. here are some random thoughts
1- wyatt had chapstick in his hand and told me he need some cause his lips were "chatty"
b. drew says things with a little bit of a texas accent and i LOVE it. grass is one work that has a accent to it. its  
     way too cute.
III baseball season is about to start and my life will be a bit busy. if you need me you can find me at the ballpark 3-    4 days a week. i am excited and a bit overwhelmed with the next few weeks but i think its gonna be awesome.
4. a few of my friends have either had or are having babies in the next few months and i am so excited for them.
e- drews preschool starts soon and i am ready, oh so ready
VII i miss my hubby but am not going to complain about him being gone because its not gonna change his schedule plus i want him to work hard and make lots of money..
7- i love living by my mom, its so nice to go and lay in her bed and talk with her about things... it makes me   happy...

alright.. no pictures on this post... maybe later...

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