Thursday, August 12, 2010

the dr appt that sucked

olivia finally had her 18 month check up the other day. it was a not good experience. wyatt had to get a shot for school and so i scheduled their appts for the same time. good in theory, bad in reality. glenn got wyatt freaked out about his shot and in the end it was a horrible experience with me holding wyatt down. the worst part is that i learned he needs 2 more shots.. i think i will let glenn go to that appt. so after wyatts freak out it was olivia's turn. she needed 2 shots and she did better than wyatt. we had to get her follow up blood test done on her iron level. everything came out fine which is great.

for my records
weight 20 6 1/4 oz (3-10%)
height 32 1/4 inches - (75%)

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