Monday, March 22, 2010

stupid high school pranks

last week was spring break here in our school district. it was a great week filled with good weather and fun days at the park. glenn was home til thursday so it was even more fun having daddy here. the downers of the week were the following:

someone "great" high school kids spray painting the "f" word on the side of our house. when the cops came out they said that since we live close to the park that is why we were targeted. it was sad to me b.c it is so meaningless. i told glenn i would have preferred it be a gang sign instead if a swear word. at least the gang sign has meaning. we spent a good hour scrubbing the spray paint off and are happy to report its almost all gone.

in the middle of that we realized that drew (you know my devil child) had locked both sets of car keys in the car. yes he is talented and for sale (whose kidding you can have him for free) his reasoning was that he smelt bubblegum in the car. yes that was his honest answer. i love him but somedays its touch and go with us. so after a fun 100 dollars later we had our car keys back.

its been an interesting week but it was fun. now i am ready to get back into our normal schedule til summer time when it all goes out the window.

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