Monday, March 29, 2010

busy weekends = tired mommy

we had a packed saturday- tball started on saturday and the league always does a parade and carnival to start the season. we were told to get there are 8 but the parade didn't start till 9 and lets be honest it was more like 920 when it did start. olivia usually takes a nap somewhere between 930 and 10 for about 2 hours. the parade ended at 1030 and she was losing it. of course wyatt and drew wanted to play at the carnival. heaven sent for me is my new friends who's kids are on the team, they kept my boys at the carnival so i could go home and give olivia her nap. seriously, these families have been so supportive of our life and are always trying to help me out which is a HUGE blessing. so then we had to be back at the fields at 1:45 for their 2:00 game. the game started late and lasted forever. it was so fun to see them play though. its gonna be a fun season. we have a few kids who have some good assets. wyatt loves to play catcher but i think its more about the gear they wear. he is such a dork. he did score one run which was great. sadly we missed our special friend elle's first birthday party. the day just ran out of time. wyatt was so bummed that we couldn't go take elle her present and every time he sees it he mentions it. i am excited for this baseball season and have some pictures to upload later...

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