Thursday, March 4, 2010

messy house = my life right now

its all a mess- its chaos and i am kind of okay with it right now. well i am not okay but its my life so i am dealing. this week was suppose to be productive. my goal was to have as much done as i could before glenn came home. someone else had other plans. olivia got very sick and that took up 3 days of this week- i am so lucky to live by my mom who gladly watched my kids and encouraged me and is just a huge help even if its just talking to an adult for a minute. i have to say that i am really really ready for next week when i have glenn here. it will help out so much. people ask how we do this schedule, it does work for us but right now with all the change this show has been a bit hard, but it will get better! so heres a quick update on the kids-

w- soccer season started and t-ball- he loves t-ball ( he has only had one practice but he seems really excited for it) soccer he is more enjoying being with boys his age. school is going well but he failed 2 hearing tests and we see an ear dr on monday-

d- still HARD for me. today he has successfully peed his pants 4 times, changed 3 times and run into the road and almost got hit by a school bus- yes he is my kid and i can't take him back- i keep hoping that something will trigger a change in him but it just doesn't seem to be any time soon. i am praying that summer is better when we can swim everyday ( did i mention the neighborhood pool is across the street from our house!) the calorie push is harder than it sounds. when i give him a pediasure he doesn't eat well but he is not getting enough calories otherwise so right now it feels like battle at every meal. we go back to dr on 3/15 so we shall see if what we have been doing worked..

o- well the priss got really sick this week. she had strep, flu a and b and a temp of 103.6- she was super sick and had to get 2 shots and is on 2 oral antibiotics. today is the first day since sunday that she is not running a fever.. yeah.. last night at 2 am was her last fever so i am HAPPY. she is so much happier today than she has been. you can tell she is still not 100% b/c its hard for me to have a moment without her in my arms. hopefully she will get all better and can resume her attempts at walking. i think its going to be by the end of the month but we shall see.

if i can find my camera i will post some pictures soon but i can't say i know what box its in..


Paige said...

Sorry that you have been having a tough week. We are wanting to plan a trip to Houston soon, so let me know when Glen is leaving and I will come over and help you tackle your house. I am in such a cleaning mood that Kyle thinks I am nesting & pregnant. Wrong! Anyways enjoy having your husband around!

Lisha said...

oh friend! i'm so sorry its so crazy right now! i hope o is feeling better - that must not have been pleasant for anyone!! This too shall pass!!!

Malia said...

Jessica your blog is SO cute!! I love it! And your updates are so fun, and your kids are so cute!

I miss you. But it was fun to see you!