Thursday, March 18, 2010

long overdue

UPDATE- my mom told me i needed to update so here it is mom-

things are finally coming together at home- i feel a little less in transition and a little more settled. there are still a hundred things to get done but for now, i feel better.

the kids are having a great time playing at the park in the awesome weather we have been having. on monday we were at the park for like 3 hours. it was awesome. the kids are loving have friends in the neighborhood to play with. i love that the park is across the street. its not such a hassle to go there. i am hoping that the pool will be the same way this summer.

glenn's work keeps him busy which is good. he is enjoying sunny weather and we miss him but we are happy he has a job.

i am good- just trying to get into a routine that works for all the kids and me. got to get started on my diet but figured spring break week would be crazy at the gym so i am putting it off (slacker i know) anywho...

thats the word from our house... peace out

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