Thursday, November 19, 2009


two things have me amazed right now..
1) my daughter is 10 months old. she is official been with us longer than she was in my tummy. she is such a little stinker and a joy to have in our family. here are some things she has been learning lately. she can clap her hands, stand up and move around on things. she loves the shoe basket (and rightly so), she hates baby food but loves table food.

2) we were able to attend a dinner/silent auction for WeeDream Foundation on monday night. glenn wanted to golf but by the time we knew he would be home it was too late. they were all full for golfers. what amazed me the most about the night was the kindness that was so abundant. if you don't already know about WeeDream and what they are doing for a good friend of mine go here and you can learn about Elle and Whit. i made some bows and was actually shocked that someone bid on them and that they went for a pretty good dollar amount. in today's world i feel like people stopped helping each other the way they use to and this night helped me see some of that back in society.

of course being jessica my camera battery is dead and i didn't get a picture of olivia in the shoe basket but hopefully i will one day.

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Lisha said...

thank you so much for donating the beautiful bows you made!! it was so awesome to see you guys on Monday - thank you sooo much for coming...and I cna't wait to see you on Sunday!!