Monday, August 24, 2009

back to school, back to school...

we were super lucky to find out about and be able to enroll wyatt in the school districts pre-k program. he now goes to a local elementrey school for 3 hours and he gets to ride on the big school bus. he was so excited to get on the bus. we waited about 30 minutes for the bus to come pick him up b/c they told us it would get there around noon and it should up at 12:30 and then it was suppose to drop him off around 4:00-4:30. we got the van pulled up to the bus stop so we could wait in air conditioning but at 5:05 it has still not come. glenn called the school to see what the deal was and the lady on the phone told him it was running late... we were both laughing so hard about that. yeah lady we got that it was running late, we mostly wanted to make sure our kid was actually on a bus coming home. he showed up at 5:50- two hours after school ended. apparently there was a mix up about what bus he is actually be on coming home. the bus driver of the bus that he was on said he was not on her list but its the bus they told us when we registared him so hopefully we can get that squared away tomorrow.
when we asked him what he did today it was a interesting mix of stuff. i asked him if he got to go play outside and he told me no, but then told glenn that he got to go outside and learned not to throw balls on the roof. he did seem to enjoy his day even of most of it was on a bus. he ate his dinner and fell asleep rather quickly today. i have some pictures but my camera cord is missing, once i find that i will upload the pics.
I was so happy for him that we were able to find a program that will keep him going in the learning process and hopefully help him be super prepared for kindergartin next year!

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