Friday, April 3, 2009

please pray for this little lady

in my previous post i wrote about my friend's little baby, Elle, who is suffering from a heart condition that needs to be fixed by surgery - well the complications keep coming for this family. she was scheduled to have her heart surgery yesterday but at 4:00 am they discovered she was getting an infection and had to postpone the surgery. Then they discovered that she has a nasal blockage that has caused her to try and breath out of her mouth, something newborns are not suppose to be able to do. Babies are born breathing out of their noses and don't develop the strength to breath out of their mouth until they are 3-4 months old. Elle has had a few situations that have caused her to have to breath out of her mouth and its quite a miracle as she is not suppose to be able to do it for the amounts of time she has. Now she has have her nasal blockage fixed before she can even have her heart surgery- -Please keep this family and this special little lady in your prayers- you can read all about her eventful life so far (only 12 days old) at their blog

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