Friday, March 27, 2009

tiny bundles of joy

yesterday i was able to go down to Texas Childrens Hospital to see my friends Lisha, Lee and Elle Lupher! - Elle is so beautiful and was trying to cry while we were able to visit her. it was a little intimidating to see all the wires that are connected to her, but lisha was so calm about it all that it just sort of calmed you down too. she has a fight ahead of her but she is strong and has so much support! it was nice to get to see Jessica and Angelle again (thanks for driving) we had such a good time driving down to the hospital, even if it was raining and traffic was a bear! i had forgotten how bad traffic can be and the amount of freeways that you have to take to get places. i am so thankful my mom and dad were able to watch the kids so i could go see Elle- poor olivia does not like formula so she spit it all up for my dad and was starving by the time i got home (6 hours from her last feeding)- being me i forgot my camera to take a picture of little lady Elle but she is a beauty. keep her and her family and the drs at TCH in your prayers.

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call me said...

I don't think there's anything harder to see than a baby hooked up to machines.

PS. You might not ever want to return to Utah, there was snow on my car this morning. Don't be jealous.