Wednesday, March 18, 2009

safe and sound

we all made it safe and sound to houston. flying with three kids is hard but we did it and now we don't have to do it again for a while. the worse parts of the flight are these:

- sour puss man who kept looking at me any time one of my kids made a noise, as if they are suppose to silent on the whole flight
- the flights that erupted over toys
- trying to find somewhere to nurse olivia in the denver airport
- drew deciding to poop the last 20 minutes of the flight and needing to be changed
- changing his diaper on an airplane
- my ears hurting like heck on the final landing
- olivia freaking out several time and then falling asleep
- attempting to nurse olivia on the plane... this was a JOKE....

anyways- peace out- we are going to enjoy the 76 degree weather here!


Adri said...

How long are you staying there? It's 70+ here neener! :)

call me said...

Oh Jessica! I'm glad that's all over, and now you can just relax!

Twizzlers mom said...

i feel for ya! I flew from alaska to utah with two lay overs by myself with the twins and was about 6-7 months pregnant, so I didn't have the nursing part. But yeah, I know what you mean!