Thursday, March 12, 2009

leaving on a jet plane- NOT!!!

so yesterday we were suppose to be on a plane to warm weather. that was the plan, i was all packed and dreading the flight with the kids but it was going to happen, until tuesday night. drew got sick last week, runny nose, cough, fever and i tried my hardest to keep him away from olivia, but that is hard to do. then wyatt started coughing on sunday and olivia started getting congested on sunday. monday she was coughing and having tons of buggers and not eating well or sleeping well, so we went into the dr. drew has ear infections in each ear and olivia had a cold that could either get better or worse. she got worse. tuesday she was cranky and not eating at all. the the fever started. at 10:00 her fever was 100.7, so i called the drs office to see what they wanted me to do, sadly their after hours end at 10 so we were sent to the ER (not fun) olivias temp there was 101.4 (also not fun) after some good times (the er went on lock down due to some strange man and his unknown chemical substance) we were seen in the actual er by a dr. a respiratory therapist came and did some suctioning and off the snot went for testing, we went for a chest X-ray. after an hour we learned that little lady had RSV and the flu. not a good combo at all. the cool thing was that she was not so bad that we needed to stay. her oxygen levels are really good and she does not need breathing treatments, she just needs good deep suctioning. about a year or so ago the hospital set up a respiratory outpatient clinic for just that purpose. you come in and get suctioned and double checked and then you can go home. its cheaper and ideal if you just need the good suctioning like little lady does. so we are still here instead of nice warm texas, hopefully we can get our tickets changed to next week if olivia get better to go.

so right now i am dealing with wyatt getting over his gunk, drew getting over ear infections on top of his gunk and hoping olivia does not get any worse so we can get going.

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