Tuesday, February 3, 2009

all alone

yesterday was the first day i was all alone with the three kids. my mom left on sunday to go take care of some family stuff with her siblings and clearly glenn had work... so it was me and the three terrors.... the good thing was that wyatt had a make up day for preschool and was gone for two hours, that left me time to get some work around the house done. drew sat and watched cartoons for me and olivia slept which was great. the trouble began after lunch- those boys were fighting like cats and dogs and olivia was starving and i was starting to lose it. around 4:15 i was just looking forward to when glenn got home.. HA HA HA... on the days when i really need him to come home he usually ends up being late... now it was a good late but still i was at my wits ends with those boys and even the little lady a bit by that point... all in all i was just glad that the day ended and now we are on day two of being alone... wish me more patience today- PLEASE


Twizzlers mom said...

i so totally understand! and right now I have a cold and so does kimi and sammie so i have no patience at all! Some days it is all i can do to make it through without killing someone. and back in the old days the new mom didn't see the new baby for a week until she was fully healed. why they don't do that now i don't know.

call me said...

Jessica you'll get the hang out it! We miss you at work, come back!