Monday, January 26, 2009

time flies

how has it already been a week? can anyone explain to me how it goes so fast, too fast. i can not believe that a week ago i was in the hospital and now here we are at home... anyways... some interesting facts about miss O- she is a huge eater, she is a cuddly baby and likes to have her hands up by her face when she sleeps, its super cute. here are some pictures from the last week..
sleeping on dad
drew trying to hold her- not very well as you can see..

wyatt holding her
wyatt fell asleep one night holding her- it was too cute to pass up...
one week old today!!!


Amber Ferran said...

Oh she's soooo cute! And I love that you have her in some yellow in that last picture. I love the color yellow on babies. I just want to squeeze her! Not too hard of course :)

Twizzlers mom said...

awwe! I wish we could be down there to hold her! she looks adorable!