Tuesday, December 2, 2008


so my balance is a little off these days-- okay let's be frank... my balance is a lot off these days- an unfortunate result of said balance shift caused me to slide down the stairs on friday- there might have been some help from a dinosaur that was left on the stairs regardless the end result of said slide has been HORRIBLE pain in my back. saturday i was pretty much stuck on the couch with my heating pad- luckily wyatt was pretty helpful getting me up and down on the couch. well the pain has been pretty constant but i knew i had a drs appt today so i just waited it out- so the dr tells me that i screwed it up pretty bad and probably have bruised my muscles and have some spams that are not helped at all by the weight of the baby so that was good news- he told me i should have called them sooner but i told him that little miss was moving around like normal so i figured everything was okay - he laughed at my logic but i am okay with that... anywho... now i get to add super back pain the list of things i HATE about being pregnant... oh well at least the end is insight- at least keep telling me that for the next few weeks okay??

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