Monday, November 3, 2008

trick or treat

we started going to glenn's parents trunk or treat about two years ago- the kids love it and it gets trick or treating over in about an hour. so we did that again this year- wyatt and drew had so much fun. right about the time we finished with all the cars the rain started, it was one of those fast rains that make you feel gross but then is done in about 5 minutes. we went home anyways because mommy was tired. we had our traditional meal- every halloween that i have known glenn his mom makes chili. its a tradition i look forward to every year, sadly this year i was not feeling that great and worried that the chili would make me feel worse so i skipped it. the kids made out like bandits and now we have a huge bowl of candy that needs to go away.

drew as yoda
wyatt as batman- again
the boys and their pumpkins

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call me said...

Oh my gosh, I think I just melted looking at Drew as a little Yoda! He's perfect and Wyatt is LOVING being Batman!