Sunday, November 2, 2008

its been two years really

drew turned two on thursday- it seems so strange to me that he is two. i think because he is sooo small that i have a hard time believing that he really is two, but as much as i try to make it not so it is. we went to dinner with glenns parents and nick on wednesday night since glenn had to work on thursday. when it came time to open presents wyatt was having a really hard time with it. at one point he asked grandma if the toys could be his and he would share with drew. it was so funny and hard to watch at the same time as he struggled with his brother getting the new toys. drew was a little overwhelmed with everything but in the end figured it all out.
the cake

drew, nick and wyatt all trying to show how old drew is now...

drew's excitement over his new elmohe is two

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