Monday, September 22, 2008

it was all for the free golf

so about a year ago glenn and his dad went to the golf show and signed up for some random timeshare thing to get free golf. yes you read that right- free golf- so we finally set up the time to go spend the night at their property and go to the meeting- we all know full well we did not want to buy anything we just wanted the free golf (and by we, i don't mean me) so we go- the room is nice and we went to a nice dinner (too nice for my kids). picture someone giving drew a drinking glass made from glass- why would you do that-- he doesn't use sippys at my house any more so i don't have them with me any more but i wish i had at that moment.

we finally go to this meeting the next morning and it was an experience. the guy who was our salesman was ummm one of those people who is above you. he starts out showing us pictures of all of his trips that he has been able to take because of his timeshare stuff- he went on and on about himself and all the things he does. he is a license pilot and an accomplished sailor and about the car he drives... just totally laying it on thick about how great his life is, all because he works for and has a time share. okay lets back up- we don't travel really except to visit family so i doubt we will be jetting off to hawaii any time soon- granted we would love to but visiting our family kind of takes over as our vacations at this time in our life. so we tell MR. RUDE FACE that we usually only travel to see family and that we usually stay with them. he gets more rude at that point. he is going off on the price of things and how expensive it is to stay at these places and he gets to stay there for only 139 a week and in my head i am thinking... no dude you get to stay there for 139 a week plus the XXXXX amount you already paid for your time share. so he finally say the clinching line for me to HATE him-- " i can usually tell by peoples body language in the first two minutes of meeting with them if they are travelers or not and we are really just wasting our time here, lets get you people out of here" yeah he pissed me off at that moment- is it a good idea to piss off a pregnant lady- not really... so we finally get out of there after another "salesman" tries to come talk us into a re invite program... i wanted to scream at him- WE ARE HERE FOR THE FREE GOLF- but i didn't- i should have though... so i took it out by shopping at the outlets ( i was quite tame considering i was annoyed by MR. RUDE FACE)

we did have a good time hanging out with glenn's parents and being with the boys- wyatt made me realize that he is getting so big this weekend with all the funny things he was saying - he did tell us he was going to run away and when grandpa asked where he was going to run to he replied- AMERICA... it made us all laugh so much... i can't believe he is going to be 4.

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