Tuesday, September 23, 2008

fall tv- makes me so happy

laugh at me if you will but it does... makes me giddy with joy- last night it started with a BANG... one of my favorite tv shows is heroes- now when i first heard about this show i thought it sounded gay... fast forward to me being in labor with drew and my mother-in-law, shane and glenn watching the show while i puke my guts out- i remember hearing bits of the show while going in and out of my delirium. now it is one of our top shows and for good reason... it ROCKS!! while we have few other favorites Lost, The office, Greys Anatomy... the reason i love heroes so much is because it keeps you guessing but not in that totally annoying, never answering any questions way that lost does but it answers questions but also gives you a totally different road to take with new questions.. i just really like it... now there are some moments that get cheesy but you get that with every show. Regardless i am super excited for the rest of this week and the premier of most of our shows- all i can say is ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME!!!

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