Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Roller Coaster Day

when i woke up today i was excited. i had my drs appointment and they were going to find the heartbeat- always an exciting moment. i went to my appointment and sat for ever before she came in to check me out. now i really like this NP- she is super nice and very attentive to you while you are in her room. she is not one of those dr's or nurses that make you feel rushed at all which i enjoy. she lays me down and starts trying to get the heartbeat...... moving the wand around and around, shoving it hard into my tender belly.......... nothing.... she can not find the heartbeat. okay so i am freaking out inside... what does this mean... with the boys they found the heartbeat in like two seconds and it was strong and good.... she tries again for a few minutes... then she says--- we are going to send you down to the other office to get an ultrasound. i start freaking out... so i go down there and wait for like 30 minutes to have my ultrasound.... i am a wreck - in the meantime of all of this i can not get a hold of glenn which makes me more emotional than i need to be- whatever- i finally talk to him and tell him that i will call him when i am done..... the ultrasound tech was SUPER DUPER nice and calming for me. she found the baby in like 2 seconds and TA DA- there is a heartbeat... it was the biggest relief i could have ever imagined. so i got to hear the heartbeat (good and strong) and see the tiny bean of a baby moving around in there. everything looked good so far, measuring right on for where i am in my pregnancy.

this day made me even more grateful for a few things... one- being able to go have an ultrasound and get the piece of mind that my baby is totally fine and alive. two- my job allowing me to have to go have these things done on the spur of the moment and not throwing a fit. three- the ability to be pregnant and see the baby alive in there.

so anyways- i have felt a gamete of emotions today but overall i am just grateful that everything turned out okay- i was able to get picture off the ultrasound but we don't have a scanner that works so i can't put it on here. but trust me there is a baby in there moving around and growing.

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Paige Sinclair said...

ultrasounds are wonderful! i'm glad that everything is going ok!