Friday, July 18, 2008

oh the joy of it all

we have been lucky to have my mom here for the last week helping us out. our usual day care lady is on vacation and since my mom was coming for the reunion i asked her to stay with us for a few more days to watch the boys. they have been having the greatest time with their grannie. i love that drew will go to her- he always says grannie grannie when he wants something- wyatt has been having a blast having the attention on him while drew is down for nap. it has been nice and comforting to have my mom here- she wants to take care of me and help out which has been greatly appreciated. love you mom

wyatt started swim lessons on monday- he has been loving them. yesterday he got brave enough to walk out into the water with out the teachers help. i love watching them grow into little people who try new things. everyday when we leave swim lessons he tells me that he loves swim lessons. it makes me happy that he can do these sorts of things even when it is hard to find the money for them. it makes it so worthwhile. i am hoping to find something for him to do this fall but we shall see.

drew- well he is a stubborn stinker who i love. he is so funny as he is starting to talk more and use two words together. he eats like a horse and this morning after his own bowl of cereal he wanted bites of mine- he suddenly says please bite mommy- i am so happy and so sad that he is getting to be so big. i can't believe he is going to be two.

i keep forgetting to take my camera with me anywhere and missing out on pictures- hopefully i will remember soon and can take some good ones to post....

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