Monday, June 16, 2008

T A G--- again


1- Glenn
2- Wyatt
3- Drew

1- Something happening to anyone of my boys
2- bees- don't mock me
3- car accidents

1- to finish the laundry
2- get the carpets cleaned this week
3- enjoy this pregnancy

Current Obsessions
1- sour candy
2- trying to get wyatt to say the # 7 when he is counting to 10
3- having glenn tickle my back

Random Surprising Fact
1- i hate having people touch my face
2- i hate not being in control of the remote
3- i use to want to be a wedding planner

i tag- adri, keri, pagie, beth, malia, patti

1 comment:

Adri said...

You know I'm bad at stuff like this.