Thursday, June 19, 2008

happy day

so today was a wonderful day- drew did not cry when i dropped him off at day care- he has cried every time i have dropped him off for the last few months- it makes is so hard to leave him but i know he is in great hands. bonnie is wonderful and i have always felt like my boys were cared for. i love that she does not baby them, she teaches them to play by themselves because she has crap to do. i love that she feeds them home made bread. i love that she will just take drew from my arms while he is thrashing and yelling. so it makes me even happier that he is finally comfortable enough with her and her house to just walk right in and go play. i am so happy this makes it so much easier to go to work. he is getting so big and it makes me laugh some days. i love my little mini glenn :)


Adri said...

Isn't it nice when that happens? William has finally decided to stop throwing a fit in nursery - in fact, I think he's the only one NOT crying now...

I miss you! Come visit me before that baby comes and we can go shopping in Chicago. :)

Keri said...

Um I'm sorry what? Is there a baby #3 counter on your blog? I, uh, what? I feel so out of the loop - Congrats!!

Bethany Christian said...'s out of the bag