Wednesday, May 28, 2008


how does time move so fast??? ya know when you are a kid you feel like time moves so slow and that you are going to be in school forever?? well now that i am "an adult" i feel like time is flying by- how in the heck did we make it to almost JUNE?? when did the other months go by? may feels like it has flown by so fast- we had a lot of things going on here is a brief look of what has been going on in our may
wyatt started baseball and will be finished with preschool this month for the summer

drew- cried a lot this month and i mean a LOT

jess/glenn- celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary with a fun night at a local bed and breakfast- time alone so nice.

my brother came to live with us and has been so helpful that i don't know what i will do when he leaves. my dad had a birthday, our niece turned 8 and work has been good for the both of us.

wow- i am excited for summer and all the summer type stuff we can do together but i just wish it would go a bit slower- well i have some pictures of our adventure at the park this weekend but they are at home- will post later.

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