Friday, May 16, 2008


so things have been moving so fast in life and i keep forgetting to blog. here is the low down.
glenn- work is going well and he has been able to go golfing a few times with his dad and enjoy the outdoors.

jess- work has been good and school is over which is nice. i am so looking forward to summer and all the fun stuff we can do. i am excited that my little bro - nick - has moved here. he is staying with us for a few weeks and it is nice to have family close by again. now if only shane would get on bored too.----

wyatt- preschool is going great and i can see that he is really starting to stretch his mind and grow. this 3 1/2 year old phase is really fun to me- i am enjoying all his little thoughts and his fun playing ideas. he also started smart start baseball and it is so cute to see him trying to do all those new skills.

drew- well this kid is a HANDFUL. he has a temper like no tomorrow- ohh the yelling and the crying and the screaming. ahhhh i am not a huge fan of this stage because it is frustrating he can't express anything other than screams and crying- he is so adventure us and has no fear- i am waiting for the day he breaks something or need stitches

i will post more later this weekend after--- have a great day!

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Adam & Tone said...

Are you pregnant????? For some reason that is my first thought when you put a "I'll post more after this weekend when...." What the __ is that all about??