Friday, March 28, 2008

MIA--- day 4

so my ring is still missing, disappeared, AWOL, not present....ok so you get the point. i am struggling with where the H-E-L-L it could be. for those of you who don't know my wedding ring is two parts- a band that i wear all the time (mostly due to the fact that i can not get it off) and then part two (the missing part) is my bigger diamond- i have always loved my ring- there is something about the way the two parts fit together that has always made me happy- i have a few theory's on what might have happened to my ring:
1) the dog ate it- has not come out yet if he did
2) drew ate it- see above statement
3) drew hid it somewhere in the house- have been looking everywhere i can think of
4) wyatt hid it somewhere and just won't tell me.
5) it grew legs and walked away-

i am so stressed out about this and other issues in my life that i recently told one of my bosses that i might have mental breakdown- he politely asked me not to have it at work :) anywho... hopefully i can destress a little this weekend- we shall see.... if you have any thoughts on where my ring might be let me know.......

1 comment:

Adri said...

One time one of my rings fell down the ac/heater vent.

I hope you find it.

That sucks!