Monday, January 14, 2008

another bites the dust

when we registered for wedding gifts six years ago, target had these really cool black plates that i instantly fell in love with. we have had 8 of these plates for almost 6 years. during our christmas break the first plate was broken by my brother. frankly i was amazed that the plates lasted that long. you see i am some what of a klutz. during my time at my parents house i personally was responsible for about 20 glasses breaking, shhh don't' tell my dad. so you see with this kind of track record i thought for sure i would have broken a plate by now. tonight while waiting for dinner to finish cooking the kids were having cantaloupe and wyatt was spinning the plate around and around. now i had told him about 3 times to stop doing that. while filling up my cup i heard that shattering noise. he had spun too hard and the plate went flying off the counter top. it broke into five pieces and is now resting in the trash can. he keep saying sorry and that it was a little accident. he is too funny. well i guess its time to invest in some "good" kid friendly plates.

black plates


call me said...

Besides plastic, I don't know if there is such a thing.

Adri said...

How sad. I remember your plates. We are all klutzes here as well. We've broken five-ish glasses, a couple plates, and a bowl. And by us I mean Tom and I...not the kids.