Saturday, November 10, 2007

holy sh*t

so i just had a total panic moment... i realized that by having my brother, his girlfriend and my other brother at my house for christmas i have to cook an actual christmas dinner. now some of you you might be saying.... so what... but for me this is a HUGE undertaking since i have never successfully made a roast and potatoes.... so... now that the panic has left me and i have decided that i can do this i am ready for any and all advice on this subject.... bring it on.... i think it finally hit me that i am the mom and this is the holiday season where it is all about mom stuff... cookies, pies, amazing dinners, etc.....

bring on the holidays.

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Sager Fam said...

Tag your it!. Gotta love this blogging stuff. Read the entry on my blog for today and you will see what it is about.