Monday, September 24, 2007

I thought we were grown-ups.... I WAS SO WRONG

I called Glenn, like I normally do when I leave work to see how his day is going. This was our conversation
me: hey, hows your day?
glenn: cold, slow, hows yours?
me: busy, we had this mailing to do so that took a lot of the day
glenn: oh that sounds fun, hey i have to go somewhere at midnight,
me: what!
glenn: yeah don't worry about it, it's nothing
me: nothing that makes you need to leave at midnight and not tell me about it, yeah right
glenn: yeah don't worry about it
me: (finally putting things together in my brain) no you can not go buy halo tonight at midnight
glenn: what why not,
me: umm no money for stupid video games
glenn: its not stupid
me; yes it is... no you can't go buy it and don't ask again
glenn: i have to go bye
me: bye--- muttering to myself in the car--- you are 27 grow up...

Ahh the curse of video games that i hate to play :)


Wendy said...

stupid men and their stupid video games....

oh, wait. they probably say stupid women and their stupid clothes.


The Sagers said...

Sooo sooo funny!! I am so happy my husband doesn't like to play video games....hmmm he just likes more expensive things like snowmobiles :( And Shane if you are reading this (yes Jessica he reads your blog)..I love ya hun!!