Thursday, March 28, 2013

randomness via my phone

here is a random update via my phones pictures.

drew was chosen to be explorer of the week for his grade at their school. basically, they take your picture ask you some questions and your sheet hangs in the front office for a week. it was exciting for him plus we learned he wants to go to Hawaii to explore volcano's.

olivia loves to be read to at night, on this particular night we had gotten home late from baseball and we all needed to go to bed. when i went to turn her lamp off she was clutching her books with a death grip.. it was cute poor girl.

drew is funny and likes to do silly things. we went to eat one night and this is what he was doing when we were leaving... a little meditation in front of jasons deli

during a random day off we went to lunch with grannie at fuddruckers and the kids all got these stupid gold chains but they thought they were so cool.

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Wendy said...

love me some random phone updates!