Thursday, March 7, 2013

its been a long time..

since its been soooo long since i last blogged i am going to do some back blogging from thanksgiving, wyatts baptism and a couple christmas pictures.... then i am going to just move on to present day... that's the plan for now...

here's a quick update

olivia- loves her dance class, going to preschool 3 days a week, her primary class and playing the computer. i have possibly talked her into trying tennis at the Y this coming april, we shall see how she does.

drew- loves reading, writing, basketball, baseball, football and is excited for this season of baseball. he is doing amazing at school, he is a great reader and is one of his teachers best kids. he is doing great in primary and learning  alot this year, his class is full of boys and i feel so bad for the teacher and the 1 girl that just moved into the ward.

wyatt- loves science, math, baseball, swimming and playing mindcraft (the stupidest thing ever). now that he goes to dyslexia class every day he is finally on reading level! its amazing what knowing how to help a kid can do for that kid. he is growing up so fast and its breaking my heart. he moved to senior primary this year and is learning and absorbing everything they teach him. he LOVES scouts and is super excited for the pinewood derby later this month.

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