Tuesday, October 2, 2012

updates.... shmupdates...

oh man- time is just flying by. i feel like i got caught up on the blog and then bam 5 weeks has past. not a ton to report but here's a small update

w- school is good, he likes his teachers surprisingly he is having a more difficult time than anticipated with the new school but is lucky to have his friend abby there with him. baseball is about to start full swing and he moved up a division to machine pitch. his lucky dad is coaching this season which is fun.

d- school is the best place for this kid.. he LOVES it. he had to switch classes but it seems to have been for the best. baseball starts for him too but we are sad to be on  a new team in a new division but happy to be playing.

o- dance started for us 4 weeks ago and we were are happy to be back dancing with miss cindy. school starts for this little lady next tuesday and we are all super happy about that.

the weather cooled down the past two days and it is heavenly.. i love fall and one of the things i miss the most about utah is fall. everything is so magical in fall, the smells, the air and the fall food... ahhh but i am always more grateful to not deal with snow :)

i got a new calling at church about 6 weeks ago and its been filling up my time and thoughts, its something i never thought i would be doing but here's hoping it all turns out ok!  birthdays are about to happen here at casa de stewart so pictures will happen...untill then...

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Adri said...

Um so what's your calling? You can't not say....jeesh. And I'm wondering what "cooling down" means in Texas :) I am really missing fall in Indy. It is nice here...but nothing like the Midwest with all the beautiful trees. Sigh.