Monday, July 2, 2012

on the road again

we took to the road in july to drove to utah, all 2 glorious days of it. our trip started off rocky...  we had planned on leaving at 5:00 am but lets be honest we have 3 kids and i am not a morning person. we finally got everything and everyone loaded at 5:45 and then the car would not start... it was so strange because the car had been on about 20 minutes earlier. well it was too early to call anyone so we went inside and waited for a decent hour to call someone. around 7:00 we got ahold of our good friends and ben came to jump our car. finally we were on the road by 7:45, two hours later than we had hoped but off we went. then one hour into our trip,glenn gets pulled over for speeding even though we are sure he was not. not the best start but luckily everything else went smooth all the way to utah.
finally leaving the driveway. 
several hours in and they were being troopers.
a little ds time on day two to keep us busy 

sleeping the drive away- i think at one point everyone but glenn was asleep.

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