Thursday, March 1, 2012

oh february....

remember how you came and went just like that..... it was a busy month filled with a trip, a birthday and plans for the future... it was a good month.. here's a recap

- my parents gave me a trip to florida for my birthday- i got to see my newest niece and snuggle her. we ate some amazing food, learned how my brother makes his yummy scones, saw some cools sights and overall had a great time.

- my birthday was amazing... even though glenn was gone my friends stepped up and made my day awesome. one of my most amazing friends planned a surprise night for me and it melted my heart. i got to eat and see the vow.

- glenn left for most of the month to work in or and got to spend time with his bro and sis-in-law. i on the other hand got to spend all that time alone with our kids...both are hard but lets be frank... 25 straight days with the kids... HARDER...but nevertheless i so appreciate that glenn will work 25 days straight to let me stay home.. its kinda awesome, most of the time.

- plans for the future involve a upcoming move to a bigger house in a different neighborhood. it is going to be sad to leave our current street (not house but the street) but great things are in the future with our newer, larger and more updated house. i am super excited and super sad about the move. also, i haven;t done hardly anything to prepare for the move and we are doing it in about 3 weeks... yikes..
 so that's pretty much february in a nutshell...lets see if i can start blogging better... i still need to back blog about christmas... ha ha ha..

just to make this less wordy... a picture of the kids

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