Thursday, December 1, 2011

failing grade

if my thankful thirty had been a class assignment i would have failed, big time. luckily its just something i do for me so its no big deal that i didn't make it past 12 this year. so many things have been going on lately that blogging has taken a backseat.....
here's a run down of the past few weeks

a) baseball ended for both boys... wyatt team ended in 3rd place for his division- he became a pretty consistent hitter at the end of the season..  drew's team did not take score because his coach (who i LOVED) wanted the season to be more about learning the game and it was so great for drew this year. he got to play 1st base, pitcher, shortstop, 2nd base. he made a few outs at 1st and really improved this year.

2) my moms birthday came and went and we all had a great time being together.

iii) glenn had about 2 weeks off of work and we spent a LOT of time together.

d) the kids had thanksgiving week off of school and we played, cleaned and ate.

5) we had thanksgiving dinner with my parents at the Omni this year, it was so nice to just eat and leave again. i love this personally but know that glenn is missing out on having leftovers..

vi) basketball started up for the boys- this season i chose to play drew up an age group to make it easier on me and sadly harder on their coach. it is nice to have one game and one practice a week for me.  they are the celtics and won their first game.

g) glenn got the outside lights, village and tree all up and decorated before he left for work.

these are the things that occurred in the month of november and i can't believe that its DECEMBER... where does the time fly?

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