Wednesday, August 10, 2011

half way there

you know when you were little there were things that seemed so strange to you. thirty year olds seemed so old to me and now here i am 6 months away from something that once seemed like a death sentence. today is my half birthday if you will. in a full 6 months i will be thirty. my mom told me that 29 was harder for her than thirty but for me thirty is hard. even though i am an adult (i have 3 kids hello) i don't feel like it sometimes but to me your thirty's seem like true adulthood. anyways... in an effort to make myself grow a bit i am challenging myself to do 30 things before i turn 30 that i have meant to do but not done or have been afraid to do. not gonna publish the list yet but i will some day. so happy half birthday to me...

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