Wednesday, April 13, 2011

in drew's words - blood- cool

drew met with his new gi dr last week and she was AMAZING.. she wants to run some tests to see if we can figure this weight stuff out. she wanted to re-do the blood work because it was all 2 years old. so off drew and i went to get his blood drawn. poor kid had to fast for the test and he was so hungry. he did super awesome. when the lady started the draw he got excited to see his blood- hopefully we won't have to wait weeks and weeks to hear something. we are also re-doing the stool sample and she wanted to do a lactose tolerance test..  we did that test on tues and it was an experience-

he had to have a special dinner the night before of plain chicken, plain rice and water. he ate like 3 bites of it and refused the rest. poor kid was so hungry and thirsty. so the test involved blowing air into a bag to test the hydrogen amounts. so there was the initial blow and then you drink this sugary drink and they have you blow into the bag every 10-15 minutes. anything over a 5 is negative. drew was blowing a 0 for about 2 hours. the nurse was awesome and actually talked to me about this test and even tried to see if she could get a sneak peek at his blood work but we had that done somewhere else. i really appreciated her alot. it felt good to have someone else in the medical word acknowledge that something seems off. anywho... a 0 is bad- it means he has no hydrogen.. just when she thought she had it figured out drew blew a 2 then another 0 . she was baffled.. then we had to drink another drink that was more concentrated and blow 4 more times. he blew a 4, then a 2 and then finally a 16. we could leave. drew was so happy to leave that hospital.

i was so happy we did not have to drive downtown for the test and that the hospital is so wonderful. everyone that walked by was friendly to drew and that made me happy. he gets so shy around new people and it makes me laugh cause that is not how he is once you know him.. so for now that test was negative and on to the next step.

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