Saturday, March 12, 2011

i promise we don't beat them

but if you were to see them right now you might question that statement.. wyatt has a black eye, drew has a bruise down his check and olivia has two red scrapes right in between her nose and her eyes. they all look like they got into a fight and may or may not have won.

wyatt- fell on the tile floor at my parents house while running around in socks. (now its starting to heal and is getting to that really ugly yellow color on some parts, its so ugly.) must take a picture tomorrow :)

drew- fell into the corner of a table at a restaurant, we are lucky this was not higher up cause it probably would have been a huge cut instead of a special looking bruise

olivia- her nails need to be cut and she scratched the crap out of her eye (sorta her eye).

i hope no one calls cps on me... i promise i don't beat them often

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