Saturday, March 5, 2011

buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks

baseball season is here again- yippee- today was the "opening day" for our little league and it was quite the show. unfortantly for us, it was FREEZING. oh it was horrible and we were ill prepared for the level of wind and cold that we had while at the "opening day" ceremony. we had to come home and change into warmer clothes for the afternoon games.

drew had his first game and decided to be super silly and get into trouble by walking to first base instead of running like you should- i think his team won but i dont actuall pay attention to the score since he is 4-
wyatt had his first game and they did awesome. something must of clicked for him since last season. last season he hit 3 balls all season but never made it home. today he had a hit at his first upto bat and was able to make it home and score a run for his team. for me it was like seeing a totally different kid playing ball until we got to the part where he was in the outfield being so strange and not paying attention. hopefully we can work on that part but the team did win with a score of 7-2 for the red socks :)

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