Monday, January 31, 2011


so all of the kids are different sleepers and the pattern is going from great to worse. wyatt is an AWESOME sleeper, drew is okay once he goes to sleep and as long as he doesn't nap and olivia is horrible. she has only slept through the night for 6 months of her life- do the math- for 18 months i have not been sleeping through the night (give or take a few random nights)
the only way olivia will go to sleep at night without banging and crying at her door, is to go to sleep in our bed. i finally gave in and allow this b.c she was banging on the door for 10-45 minutes each night and bruising her hands. so we have evolved to a calm tuck in but its in daddys bed ( she only calls it daddys bed) and she will wake up if you move her or if you get lucky and can move her she will wake up somewhere in the night screaming and banging and freaking out. i held out for one week and let her cry it out and she slept through the night for 2 days. then it was back to square one. it is horrible. i have tried just about everything and it is maddening. i am ready for her to sleep in her own bed and for an entire night. so if you have any children like her, give me the advice. i have tried the following
crying it out, super schedule, letting her stay up later, late naps, early naps, no naps, sleeping in her room, putting her on my floor, putting her in bed with the boys. none of this worked for more than a night or two... HELP...
isnt she cute snuggling pink bear. she has to have him to sleep and then halfway through the night throws him and then wakes up hours later frantic she can't find him.. its strange

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