Wednesday, January 5, 2011

gingerbread houses

years ago and i mean years, my mom had this gingerbread houses cut outs made out of this awesome cardboard but almost wood material. so every year that i can remember we decorated this gingerbread houses. it is one of my favorite memories from christmas time. i am so happy that the kids get to do them now. i was able to pawn my kids off on their uncles (score for me) and they went away decorating.. olivia was in heaven with the frosting and candy- poor jared (he did volunteer to help her) she wanted to eat not decorate.


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Amanda said...

We never made those growing up but I did it one time with your family and loved it. Jackson and I have done it the past couple of years and had a great time. This year I bought one and didn't get around to making it. Maybe we will make a Valentine's Day gingerbread house or something. :)