Saturday, November 6, 2010

did i ever mention that i am not a fan of thanksgiving

one of my least favorite holidays- bar none. the idea of cooking for hours and then eating for 20 minutes and then cleaning for an hour and my least favorite part- eating leftovers for DAYS. its has lead me to a place of dislike for the whole holiday. i also may hate that the cowboys always (i mean always) play on thanksgiving. but as i have been sitting here today being in a grumpy mood and wanting to lock my kids in their rooms and not let them out (possible ever) i decided to embrace the concept of thanksgiving and do the thankful 30 blog
general concept- blog every day in november about what you are thankful for. so here we go days 1-6 since i am behind.

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Adri said...

I really like Thanksgiving. It feels cozy to me. As long as I'm not cooking. We went out to eat a few years ago. It was the best. And I'm thinking we'll go out to eat this year too.