Monday, August 30, 2010

flat on my back

i have back problems, they suck and flare up at the worst times. last week my back went out. it was some of the worst pain i have had in years. luckily it happened while glenn was home so he could handle the kids, the unlucky part was it happened on wednesday and glenn left on thursday. i was stressed out about how i was going to do it. thank heavens for great friends and family. my friends came and took drew for the day on thursday and another friend took him on friday and it saved me. i am so thankful for great friends. i do not think i would be walking today if it wasn't for them. thank heavens after 4 days of resting my back it is feeling better and i am finally able to get some cleaning done around this house. 4 days of not mopping the white tile floor is unacceptable. this floor is in dire need of some major scrubbing (can you guess what i have planned tonight after the peep go to bed) its gonna rock.

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