Tuesday, July 27, 2010

the time drew gained no weight

you read that title correct- in the past 3 1/2 months drew has gained 0 weight but grown in height causing his bmi to plummet. we had our follow up appt with the nutritionist and originally i was not going but then i wanted to see if he had gained any weight on their scales since they have the fancy scale and the growth charts so off we went. at the last appt i was totally bugged by both the dr and the nutritionist. they were both happy about his weight gain (as was i) but the dr totally gave us about 2 minutes and didn't even look at up at drew during his moment in the room. this bugged the crap out of me. i know that looking at drew you can see he is small but other than his size he is a healthy happy guy. the problem i have is that i feel like something is causing him to not gain the weight and i want to find out the reason why. its one of those things that keep me up at night- so anywho- i went to this appt and was shocked that he had gained NO weight. the nutritionist was shocked as well. you see we calculated that drew eats on average between 18oo-2200 calories in a day. with that many calories he should gain weight and he is not. so... we are sort of at square one again- we need to see a gi but i was upset with the dr and now i have to find a new one that will be willing to find the cause with me. i am grateful that drew is otherwise a healthy kid but i worry that his body is not getting the nutrients it needs to grow properly. so heaven help me to find a dr who wants to figure this out. thats the news on drew.bear and his weight gain battle.

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Shannon Bennett said...

We have a great GI, that my family has used for years at TCH, first my sister for 12 years and now Parker. If you want his info shoot me an email. ShannonMcBennett@gmail.com.