Wednesday, July 7, 2010

random ramblings

a. its been rainy for like a week straight- the good news in this is that i don't need to water my lawn- the bad news is its rainy and we can't play outside/swim as much as we need/like to.

2. our buddies are on vk (thanks wh for that word) and we miss them a lot. sometimes its easier to get things done when friends are over, strange that way.

III. my bros have been in town and thats been fun but we have been staying up to late and then being grouchy the next few days.

d. i am currently avoiding cleaning my kitchen and posting this instead, i think its a great plan, for now.

5. i miss glenn and am ready to see him and have his help with the little people

VI. this summer is moving super fast- another good and bad thing. wyatt is getting bored being at home

g. i will now go clean my kitchen instead of vegging on the couch (one good perk about g being gone, i can not clean it and no one but me notices or cares)

stewart out!

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