Saturday, June 19, 2010

Drew vs the oven

So there I was making lunch and the kids were playing superhero. The boys have been told a million times not to run in the kitchen, of course that doesn't stop them. So I open the oven to take out the chicken and here comes drew. He land smack on the oven door. Yes the one that had just been baking at 450 degrees. It was awful and he screamed lot for about 2 hours. I called our Drs office since everything on the trusty Internet says to call if you burn your hands and they wanted to see him. So off we went. He is lucky that his is moslt 1st degree and very mild 2nd on his blustery spots. After soaking his hands in water for about 6 hours he is fully functioning again. Poor kid.



MZP said...

oh my goodness, i have always been afraid of that happening... poor little man!!

Paige said...

OUCH! Is there any kind of medicine you can give him or just wait until it heals on its own?