Friday, May 14, 2010

our caboose

she is the caboose to our family but she is a spunky one. if she were a real caboose she might have a lot bright colors on her. she is reaching a fun and hard stage- she wants to be independent but still doesn't have the motor skills to do it just yet. she can walk but will crawl as long as she can and then when we yell at her to walk she will stand up and do it for a minute and then plop down on her bum. she is starting to really play with toys and her doll now. its so cute for me to see. when she wants my attention but is not getting it from just yelling mommy or momma at me she yells MA as loud as she can. it cracks me up every time. she is a blessing and a joy to have in our house. its nice to know that someday we are going to "hopefully" be great friends and have that wonderful bond i was always able to have with my mom. we love our little priss and can't wait to see her grow and grow.

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Wendy said...

are you alive?