Monday, February 22, 2010

need a box

i have a few or a ton... sadly most of them are still full of our stuff. we are only about 1/3 of the way unpacked. the kids rooms are done and the kitchen is almost done. the playroom is a war zone, i don't recommend going in there any time soon. the past week has been a huge blur. our trip to get our stuff was actually a very fun time. it was so fun to be alone with glenn for 4 days. we had some great talks, laughs and sleep without any kids barging in. we got to have dinner with glenns parents and his bro-in-law who came a helped load up the truck. i got to see some friends from work which was great. i got a pedicure from my old bosses new spa- it was heavenly. my toes were ready for our trip. we had a good time. we owe a HUGE thanks to my mom for watching the kids for 4 days- this is not an easy feat- my kids wake up EARLY. so THANK YOU mom.. we had the help of some guys from church and they unloaded the truck in about an hour. then the chaos began. luckily my sis-in-law came over and helped my mom watch the kids and i was able to get some order to some of the rooms that day and all the beds were able to get put up. we are lucky to have some great church friends live close by and offer any help we needed. it is nice to know that we are building those friendships again.
now that this post has rambled on and on.. i wish i could say i have pictures of any of this but once again, i apparently suck at taking pictures of stuff.. there is none..
on the bright side we only had about 4 breaks in the move and only one box is missing (don't ask me how but it did contain silverware, plates and cups, odd i know) i figure in a few weeks we will feel settled and be enjoying our home.

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